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A laptop infected with the six most dangerous viruses sold for $1.2 million

The following laptop is arguably the worst computer of the 21st century.

Because it is among the most dangerous 6 kinds of malware in the world, each one is notorious and destructive. It has attacked millions of users including banks, government agencies and ordinary netizens, resulting in losses of up to 950. One hundred million U.S. dollars.

The prototype of this “viral computer” is Samsung

NC10, Internet artist Guo O Dong and network security company DeepInstinct, invited software engineers to fill all the six most harmful viruses into the computer and named it “The Persistence of” Chaos).

Although the cost was only 10,000 US dollars, the price of this “viral computer” rose after the public auction. As of 6 pm today, the auction ended, and its final price reached an astonishing US$1,200,749.

Why can a “viral computer” be sold for more than $ 1 million?

First, don’t underestimate the dangers of these six zombie-like viruses. They can easily destroy computers, copy personal files, steal banking information, and encourage large-scale hackers to open digital abyss.

The first virus to be said, “ILOVEYOU”, although the name sounds very romantic, the mask is the killer of the money.

When it appeared in 2000, people simply opened the “LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.txt.vbs” malicious attachment from the mail, and the computer’s random file would be overwritten and could not be opened. It eventually destroyed more than 500,000 systems, causing a loss of $1.5 billion.

In 2003, a worm and Trojan virus “SoBig” appeared. It infects computers by email, while damaging computer software/hardware, causing $3.7 billion in damage and damaging hundreds of thousands of computers. So far, the hackers behind this virus have not been captured.

A year later, “MyDoom” beat “So Big” and became the fastest-growing worm, causing a huge loss of $3.8 billion.

The fourth virus, the “BlackEnergy” virus, flooded in 2007. It used complex hidden technology and powerful encryption to evolve into more powerful malware, which directly led to a massive power outage in Ukraine in December 2015.

In 2013, a virus called “DarkTequila” began stealing personal and group data. It used phishing websites and USB flash drives to transfer people’s bank credentials and company data offline, and millions of users lost millions of funds directly.

The last thing that appeared was “WannaCry.” It launched a global attack in 2017, attacking more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries, and people must pay hackers a certain amount of bitcoin to lift the barriers, with a total loss of nearly $4 billion.

Year after year, the virus that caused massive destruction has emerged from generation to generation.

According to the degree of economic loss caused by the virus, Guo Duodong chose these six most harmful viruses to be implanted into laptops. The intention behind it is to reflect the real threat that the digital world poses to us.

In an interview with The Verge, he said:

We always have this illusion that it is ridiculous that what happens in the computer can not actually affect us, because these “weaponized” viruses will not only affect the destruction of the power grid or other public infrastructure, but also directly affect/hurt us.

When the “WannaCry” virus attacked the British National Health Service system, it immediately caused the appointment of tens of thousands of doctors to be cancelled. Although the status of the patients affected by it could not be traced, it probably directly caused physical injury and/or loss of lives.

Therefore, Guo Dudong used this computer to turn the digital hazard into a physical entity, allowing the bloodthirsty beasts on the Internet to jump out of the display, giving people the most intuitive on-site impact.

“Virus computer” in live broadcast

But rest assured that this computer is only sold as a work of art or academic reason. After all, it is illegal to sell malware for sabotage purposes, as long as people don’t connect this computer to Wi-Fi or plug in USB. It’s absolutely ‘safe’.

Now, this “viral computer” is also isolated in a special space, and it is monitored live and streamed around the clock to ensure that it will not be stolen suddenly, triggering the next Internet catastrophe.

When the auction is over, the computer’s port and Internet functions will be disabled.

For its future, Guo Xiaodong said in an interview with VICE that the work can also be used as an Internet weapon for exhibitions as “a catalogue of historical threats.”

It’s just that in this “viral computer” that has been eliminated, or in mobile phones, computers, and other electronic devices that we can’t live almost every day, as long as the network exists, anxiety, panic, and attacks will always As the shadows follow.

After all, we are in this history. A naked era that is invisibly threatened by the Internet but can only expose itself.

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