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After a loss of 97.1 billion! The Japanese giant has no choice but to withdraw from India, but wants to rely on China to achieve a comeback?

In recent years, India has become the fastest growing market for smartphones worldwide. According to a report on May 29th, Sony recently issued a statement saying that it has stopped selling smartphones in the Indian market in FY 2018, or will fade out of the Indian market.

Some analysts said that Sony’s market share in the Indian smartphone market is only 0.01%, and its smartphone business has lost a loss of 888,562,100.00 United States Dollars in March this year. Earlier, it was reported that Sony was quietly withdrawing from major markets such as India, Australia, Canada, Mexico and the Middle East. This time, it was officially confirmed. Not only that, but Sony’s factory in China has stopped production. It seems that this Japanese giant has “no more scenery”.

In contrast, many of China’s smartphone brands have shined in the Indian market these years. After the mobile phones of Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo and other brands entered the Indian market, the mobile phones of Indian local brands have “shouldered”, and most of them have fallen out of the top ten in the sales list. According to the survey, the Chinese brand’s market share in the Indian smartphone market has exceeded 65%, while the country’s local brands accounted for 13%. Sony, as an overseas brand, has to withdraw from overseas markets on a large scale under the disparity of strength.

So, will Japan’s Sony really “reward the fate” and fall into the trough? According to the company, in order to regain profitability in 2020, it will reduce operating expenses by up to 50%, and will develop more advanced technologies to enhance product appeal. “Retraction” from these major markets is only a temporary delay. In addition, the company is also confident about the future growth prospects of the Chinese market. It is reported that in the first three quarters of 018 , the total business in China increased by 12.7 %, and the future may be pinned on the Chinese market.

So it seems that Sony’s plan is to take back the business of each overseas market, and in the future it will focus on China with full potential. However, according to the current situation, many Chinese local smartphone brands headed by Huawei have gained a firm foothold in terms of strength and popularity. It is still difficult for Sony to incite its position. This idea is likely to be repeated again…

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