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Amazon & Google (the two major US Tech companies) are facing stricter antitrust review

According to foreign media reports, Apple, Google’s parent company Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook, the five major US technology companies, are in the field of giants, and there are few comparable companies.

  However, the strength of these companies is too strong. This also brings monopoly problems. The EU anti-monopoly agency has already issued three tickets to Google for a total of 8.2 billion Euros.

  According to sources, Google and e-commerce giant Amazon may face more stringent anti-monopoly regulation in the United States. The two major anti-monopoly agencies in the United States have reached a new agreement on the supervision of the two companies.

  The news that Google and Amazon’s regulation reached an agreement was revealed by three sources who revealed that the US Department of Justice and the US Federal Trade Commission had reached a new agreement on antitrust regulation of the two companies.

  According to foreign media reports, the agreement between the US Department of Justice and the US Federal Trade Commission on the regulation of Google and Amazon is actually the two major regulators. (ironically)They conduct an anti-monopoly review of their own companies.

  Specifically, under the new anti-monopoly regulatory agreement, the US Federal Trade Commission will conduct anti-monopoly regulation on Amazon. The US Department of Justice has more jurisdiction over Google. Foreign media said in the report. This arrangement paved the way for potential regulation of search and advertising giant Google.

  It’s unclear what the US Federal Trade Commission’s plans for Amazon and the US Department of Justice are in Google. Foreign media say this type of arrangement usually indicates a more rigorous antitrust review.

  However, the foreign media reported that the US and the Amazon had reached a new regulatory agreement on the anti-monopoly review. The US Department of Justice did not respond because it could not confirm or deny the investigation. The US Federal Trade Commission refused to make an evaluation.

  On June 3rd, the original author of the “Tomb Notes” series, said that the film copyright of “Tomb Notes” expired on May 26, 2019, and returned to his own hands. According to the Beijing News, Nanpai Uncle said that there is no plan for re-authorization, and subsequent film and television works will seek cooperation in addition to their own shooting, but they will be very cautious.

  On June 3rd, foreign media MacRumors and redditor noticed that Apple has cleared their program page on Instagram and Facebook and deleted all pictures, posts and videos. MacRumors pointed out that Apple seems to have transferred its iTunes account to Apple TV’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. The company’s Twitter account is still unaffected. The industry has been rumored that Apple’s iTunes is about to exit the stage of history. In April this year, it was reported that Apple plans to split it in the next version of macOS to support standalone applications for music, podcasts and TV, but there are reports that the functions of music apps are basically the same.

  June 3rd news, a few days ago, a user reported that Tencent’s QQ browser illegally collected personal data. The court ruled that Tencent immediately stop the “QQ Browser” APP from collecting the user’s WeChat and personal info. For instance, avatar(s), gender, birthday, region and other information in the QQ account, as well as the behavior of the guy. It is understood that Mr. Xu is a Ph.D. student and a user of “QQ Browser”. In his work life, he often uses “QQ Browser” to browse the web.

  On June 3rd, Amazon China Cloud Service (AWS) had a massive failure last night(June 2nd). Users could not connect to the network. According to the official AWS statement, due to several cable cuts in the overnight road construction in the CN-NORTH-1 area last night, the available area could not connect to the network. This  caused a failure of new instances in all available areas. At present, the maintenance team has found a specific breakpoint and is trying to recover. Many affected companies explained on Weibo that the Amazon AWS Beijing optical cable was cut off due to road construction, which caused the network in some parts of China to be unable to serve. At around 2 pm, most of the network has resumed operations.

Today, Xiaomi Group-W opened lower this morning [stocks] and fell for four consecutive trading days. It fell nearly 6% and fell 5.11%. Lei Jun received 79.09 million shares earlier. On the news front, the user paid the “overdue warning” message at the Xiaomi Finance on time and was repaid by the bank. Faced with such problems, Xiaomi Finance only responded through the official Weibo response, and has already worked out the solution for this matter, solved the problem for the user as soon as possible, and updated the correct information according to the actual repayment situation within 30 days. It is worth noting that from 2019, Xiaomi Finance has undergone a series of adjustments. Regarding whether these adjustments are related to the slowdown in loan growth, Xiaomi Financial did not give a positive response. It only indicated that the voluntary cancellation of the two small loan companies is a normal management operation, and all aimed at the effective and rational use of resources.

  On June 3rd, Google Cloud Service just had a large-scale downtime, affecting Google services in many parts of the world including North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, and South America. Apple was also affected by the downtime. According to Apple, many of its iCloud products have had problems this afternoon. Apple said that features such as iCloud Mail, iCloud Drive, iMessage, photos and documents in the cloud are slower than users expect. These problems don’t seem to be common, and they don’t let any of Apple’s services go offline. Many services however, load slower than normal. Last year, Apple confirmed that it uses Google Cloud as the backbone of some of its iCloud products.

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