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Chinese shadow shifts to Taiwan’s election

Taiwan’s ruling party has begun its first step in the process of deciding whether the incumbent President of Thailand, or a tougher independent supporter, will represent the opposition from the opposition party. Dear Trung in the election next year, according to Nikkei. 

The Progressive Citizens’ Public Opinion Process (DPP) is held Monday to Friday, with the results expected to be released on Sunday.

Ms. Thai Anh Van and former Prime Minister William Lai, representing the list of candidates for the Democratic Party, will confront two potential rivals: Mr. Korea Du (Han Kuo-yu), mayor of Kaohsiung, member of the main opposition party of the National Party (Kuomintang), and the independent mayor of Taipei, Mr. Kha Van Triet (Ko Wen-je).

Anyone in the Progressive Party gaining more support will become the official candidate of the People’s Party to enter the Taiwan presidential election in January.

On the side of the Nationalist Party, they will organize the process of selecting candidates in July. The Party has adopted a harmonious line with China, and has won the upper hand in the race to become president in a long time.

However, on the opposite side, the Democratic Party, has recently gained voter support amid a controversial bill in Hong Kong – about extradition of crime to China. The bill caused widespread protests in Hong Kong on Sunday.

Compared to the moderately popular Thai Anh Van in cross-Strait relations, William Lai himself considered himself a stronger protector of Taiwan’s interests and against mainland China. .

Lai has called for the establishment of a domestic security apparatus, which will prevent Beijing’s activities to unite Taiwan with the mainland, and Lai has promised that Taiwan will not become “a Hong.” Second Kong ”.

As for the incumbent President of England, on Saturday, she said that, under her administration, “Taiwan has not once become a troublemaker in the international community, and has deepened the relationship. friendly system with the United States and Japan ”.

If Ms. Thai loses in the elections in January, she will resign as chairman of the Democratic Party in May.

There have been many concerns surrounding Taiwan’s presidential and legislative elections. Chinese President Xi Jinping in a speech on January 2, 2019 stated that Taiwan “must and will” be under the control of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which has never ruled The island is 23 million people.

The Kuomintang has turned to the Chinese government, gradually turning into Beijing’s preferred dialogue partner, and seems to be becoming a useful arm of the CCP.

Members of the Kuomintang are famous for constantly repeating Beijing’s views, criticizing Ms. Thai Anh Van’s close relationship with the United States and her commitment to national security.

In a local election in November, Mr. Korea won the election of mayor of Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s third largest city. Mr Han’s victory created the media’s attention, increasing the prospects for these party supporters that the KMT might be ready to restore the presidency and control the legislature. 2 position they lost to the People Party in 2016. If that happens, the big winner will surely be China.

In May, after igniting media speculation for weeks, Mr. Han finally agreed to become a representative for the Kuomintang, challenging Guo Xing Ming (Terry Gou) president Rich by Foxconn Technology Group.

During a recent visit to China , Mr. Han was given a red carpet by Beijing, witnessing the signing of multi-million dollar agreements to sell seafood and other products from Kaohsiung. The media support for the National Party has reported on every step of Mr. Han.

At that time, Ms. Thai was making an important trip to the South Pacific to protect Taiwan’s relationship with some remaining diplomatic allies.

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