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Former Interpol president pleaded guilty in Chinese court

Former chairman of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) and Deputy Police Chief of Meng Hongwei (Meng Hongwei) pleaded guilty in a trial on Thursday (June 20), Reuters reported from Chinese state media.

Prosecutors accused him of taking bribes of $ 2.11 million.

Last October, when Mr. Manh was holding two power posts in China and Interpol, he was arrested by the government after he left France to return to the mainland.

His wife, who resided in France, announced his disappearance, saying he sent her a knife-shaped message, referring to the dangerous situation he was facing.

Also in October 2018, Interpol received his resignation notice.

In March 2019, the Chinese Communist Party declared an investigation of Mr. Manh showing that he had spent a large amount of money in state funds, abused his power and refused to comply with decisions. party.

The People’s Daily, the CCP spokesman, said Mr. Manh admitted guilt and “expressed remorse towards the court”.

The newspaper also listed his crimes while holding various positions, such as the deputy minister of the police, the head of China’s coast guard.

According to Reuters, Mr Manh’s lawyer is not clear. The news agency said it could not contact him or a legal representative to ask for an interview.

Reuters commented that Chinese courts are tightly controlled by the CCP.  Mr Manh will almost certainly be convicted.

His wife, who has been granted asylum in France, said the charges against him were politically motivated.

Mr. Manh became Interpol president at the end of 2016 when China strengthened its search for leadership positions in international organizations.

The appointment of Mr. Manh was disturbing at the time, because rights groups argued that China might try to take advantage of its position to chase dissidents abroad.

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