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Hong Kong’s billionaire son praised protesters against the extradition bill

A Hong Kong official said that the young people of the city scored a goal with the suspension of the controversial extradition bill. Students continue to threaten to “encircle in peace” the government headquarters to demand more concessions, according to SCMP.

Liu Mingwei (Lau Ming-wai), vice president of the Youth Development Committee, said on Wednesday that he wanted young protesters to know that they had succeeded in changing the direction of the youth. The government on the bill is not favored, which critics fear will lead to unfair trials in mainland China.

But Liu Mingwei also said that he hopes city youth will not escalate the current situation.

Last month, Liu Mingwei’s father, billionaire Liu Wan Hung (Joseph Lau Luen-hung) – a “runaway tycoon” – surprised many when he suddenly abolished a legal challenge against extradition bill.

Liu Wan Hung was wanted in Macau and was imprisoned absent for guilt, and faced extradition under the proposed changes.

He said that he decided to break his silence after the bill was suspended, to say “young protesters won.”

“Young protesters have succeeded: the government can no longer legitimize the bill, if you look at reality,” Liu told Hong Kong SCMP newspaper.

“My worry is that violent clashes can come back – because anyone can make a request in a protest without a leader – and may have a wrong calculation. “.

Liu Mingwei called on local leaders, including high school principals, universities and religious officials to talk to young people and help prevent the recent crisis escalation.

Meanwhile, student leaders said they had planned to surround the government headquarters if the city retained the administrative chief Carrie Lam Lam Trinh Nguyet Nga, and did not meet the four requirements of they are before 5 pm on Thursday (June 20).

The requirements include: withdrawing the extradition bill, canceling the demonstration of riots, abolishing prosecutions against protesters and investigating whether police use excessive force in crashes. degree with protesters or not.

Although Hong Kong Chief Executive Officer Carrie Lam apologized for the second time, many young residents were still unhappy with the government.

William Chan Wai-lam, acting chairman of the Hong Kong Student Union Standing Committee, said his group could surround the government headquarters in peace on Friday morning if their requests were not response.

He also called on Hong Kong people to participate in “self-initiated civil disobedience movements in any peaceful manner”, including blocking MTR stations (Mass Rapid Transport – high-speed public transport network). ).

Some student unions agreed to attend, including groups from Chinese University, Academy of Performing Arts, City University, Education University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Hang Seng University.

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