How to be more self-assured in your job interview

How to be more self-assured in your job interview

With more than 1,000 job vacancies across the country, the lure of an interview is a powerful motivator.

The first step is being able to articulate why you’re the best choice for the job.

Here are some tips to help you get the job done.

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If you’re looking for a new role, you need to be ready to be flexible with the length of the job interview.

If a role is for the short term, it’s best to be able to adapt your schedule.

This is because you don’t want to leave the position and not have enough time to prepare for the interview.

You can find out if you have enough interviews ahead of time by checking your job vacancy website.

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Find out if the role you’re applying for is a remote position.

If it’s not, ask for a remote interview if possible.

If not, you can still get a remote job by contacting the company and asking for a job on the same day.

Remote job interviews can take up to two days to complete, but once you have completed the remote interview, you’ll be eligible to interview on the second day.

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If there’s an open position, ask about availability.

This will be a big factor if you’re considering a remote role.

Find information about available jobs in the area.

For example, the number of available roles in a region may be different than that of a company that you’re interested in working for.

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Do you have a CV?

If so, make sure it’s complete and up-to-date.

It’s crucial to keep your CV up- to-date if you plan on applying for a role.

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Ask to see the job application you’re interviewing for.

This can help you to ensure you’re qualified and has enough time for you to prepare.

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Find a meeting place for the first interview.

This could be at your local job centre, a job board, a local cafe or even a job centre.

If the meeting is scheduled outside, you might have to arrange a different meeting for the second interview.

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Look for a safe location.

Find your nearest job centre to find out more about safe workplaces and what to do if you’ve been a victim of violence.


Set up a personal calendar.

This should include a list of people you meet for your interview.

Make a note of the dates and times you’re meeting, so you can plan your interview on top of it. 3.

Set aside time for the two interviews you want to interview.

The second interview should take no more than two to three hours and should be focused on your skills.


Prepare your resume.

You’ll want to get the details of your CV out in front of your interviewer so you’re ready for the actual interview.


Bring your passport and a personal note from the employer.

Your employer will be able see who you are and can ask you to show your passport or a note from your employer.


If your interview doesn’t go well, take time to write down what you learned from the interview and what you wish to improve.

For this, you should write down the job you’re being offered, as well as any information you can glean from your interview, such as: the type of work you want, the company, the people you work for and the roles you want.

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Find an alternative meeting place.

There are many places around Dublin that offer job seekers a safe space for interviews.

Find job boards in your area and ask them to let you meet them.

You should always be able a meet someone at a job fair or job centre that you feel comfortable with.

Find another job or start a new one to make sure you don to get an unfair disadvantage.

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Don’t let your feelings affect your confidence.

Be prepared for any feelings that might come up during your interview with the company.

You might feel pressured, anxious, overwhelmed or frustrated.

You also might feel like you have to answer questions that aren’t fair.

Don the interview in a safe environment and focus on the job offer you’re about to make. 2 /2 3/2


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