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HTC Announces First Quarter 2019 Operational Results New VIVE Pro Eye Headset Display Listed in the Near Future

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  HTC (2498) today announced the consolidated financial report for the first quarter of 2019 as of March 31.

Financial overview for the first quarter of 2019

  • Operating income was NT$2.94 billion, and gross profit margin increased from 8.0% in the previous quarter to 14.7%, which was the fifth consecutive quarter of gross margin growth since the fourth quarter of 2017.


  • The net operating loss was NT$2.73 billion and the operating profit margin was -92.9%.


  • The net loss after tax was NT$2.46 billion and the loss per share after tax was NT$2.98.

Operational focus for the first quarter of 2019


  Committed to providing the best design and software professional applications to match the world’s best VR hardware, HTC continues to deliver the promise of top VR hardware and software.


  • Introducing the new VIVE Pro Eye head-mounted display with built-in eye tracking to make VIVE Pro’s high-end VR experience even more amazing.

Eye tracking provides a new, more intuitive way to interact, including visual control menu navigation, and corporate users and developers can better train simulation scenarios and provide deeper feedback to product design and research teams.

The VIVE Pro Eye will be available soon.

  • VIVE Focus Plus: The new top-of-the-line VR all-in-one for the enterprise market at the end of March, with dual 6DoF controllers, allows users to seamlessly interact with virtual environments with the same freedom as PC VR devices. It has been shipped in April.

Software platform

  • Introducing VIVE port Infinity , the world’s first unlimited VR subscription service , to extend the value of the VIVE port service. In addition to VIVE devices, VIVE port Infinity will also support a variety of other VR devices.
  • VIVE Wave with Qualcomm: VIVE is working with Qualcomm Technologies to pre-load and optimize the VIVE WAVE platform for Qualcomm Technologies’ XR all-in-one and 5G smartphone reference designs.

This will help OEMs of the VIVE Wave platform support devices to be quickly implemented by OEMs using the designated Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile platform.


The first revolutionary 5G MOBILE SMART HUB is unveiled; continues to invest in the blockchain ecosystem through the Exodus Project.
  • Continuing the success of the previous launch of the HTC 5G Hub with major telecom operators around the world, European carriers such as Three, Germany’s Deutsche Telekom, Switzerland’s Sunrise and Finland’s Elisa will all provide HTC 5G Hub service telecom customers. Utilize the 5G network ultra-high speed transmission and ultra-fast connection to meet the needs of home and business users.
  • Not only is the HTC 5G Hub an action hotspot sharer, it also provides smooth 4K video streaming, a low-latency gaming experience and 5G motion hotspots for up to 20 users.
  • HTC Exodus 1: HTC’s first blockchain smart phone has opened up a number of new cryptocurrencies and legal currency purchase channels, and has accelerated the decentralized application content and more alliance partners.
  •  The Exodus project will continue to be committed to digital security and Internet security.

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