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In the US, innovative aircraft is declassified

The American secret aircraft Celera 500L, a bullet plane, (as journalists call it because of the unusual streamlined shape of the liner) , is preparing for its first flight.

Manage the plane will be only one pilot. He is able to take off from any airfield. Its speed will be up to 820 kilometers per hour. Fuel consumption will be approximately four liters per 50-70 kilometers. The German company Otto Aviation Group has been working on this project for about ten years in secrecy. In April 2019, it became known that the company resumed rental of premises at the airport of Southern California.

“It is preferable that operating costs are much lower than current costs. They should be competitive with commercial airliners, fly at a higher system speed than modern commercial aircraft, have a greater range with full payloads of passengers and baggage than most modern business aircraft.The aircraft should also provide ease of maintenance and involves only one pilot,“ – said in one of the patent documents to the aircraft.

The design features of the Celera 500L are designed to help in high-performance flight. They include a drop-shaped fuselage. It provides aerodynamic efficiency while maintaining a large internal volume. Schemes and other details in the patent describe the use of composite materials and a single primary central spar for structural stability. This helps the aircraft to stay light.

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