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Microsoft Build, Google I / O Developer Conference held, cloud computing AI is the highlight

Industry Internet Weekly is a featured product released by Titanium Media TMTpost, which will integrate the most important enterprise-level services, cloud computing, big data frontier trends, heavyweight policies and research reports this week. 】

Industrial Internet is a concept derived from the consumer Internet. It refers to traditional industries leveraging big data, cloud computing, intelligent terminals and network advantages to help transform and upgrade traditional industries. At present, the technology giants led by BAT are all planning to set up the industry Internet. This week (May 6th to May 12th, 2019), Google and Microsoft Developers Conference were held one after another. Cloud computing and AI became the theme of the technology giants. At the same time, Tencent Ma Huateng once again reiterated the importance of the industry Internet in public speeches.  Edited by Titanium Media as follows:

On May 7th, the annual Microsoft Developer Conference Build 2019 was held in Redmond, Washington, USA. Microsoft CEO Satyanadra introduced and released a series of new technologies. Microsoft’s new features include Microsoft 365’s new collaboration and productivity services and its artificial intelligence capabilities on its app and web side; in Azure and Windows, Microsoft has added new open source technologies and development tools.

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Nadella opened with cloud service Azure and announced that Azure has been deployed in 54 regions around the world with more than 90 credit certificates. Microsoft also announced at the Build conference that it will launch the Azure SQL database tool to handle computing tasks with “serverless” capabilities. This means that developers do not have to set up and manage the underlying resources of the database. Previously, Amazon and Google also launched “serverless” database technology.

In the Microsoft 365 update, Microsoft announced that the Microsoft Graph data connection service is commercially available, enabling the secure integration of productivity data from Microsoft Graph with the organization’s business data and the scale expansion with Azure Data Factory. This will help business users balance the movement and management of massive amounts of data.

The Microsoft Edge browser, built on Chromium, introduces a host of new features, including IE mode, privacy tools, Collections and more. In addition, Microsoft also demonstrated the upcoming Edge browser for Mac.

On the artificial intelligence assistant, Microsoft said that the traditional assistant assistant Cortana will transform from command to conversation mode, and the new voice assistant will transform into a true conversational experience beyond the limitations of independent commands. You can respond to multiple rounds of conversations, add calendar entries, schedule and remind meetings and events.

After the acquisition of Bonai, an AI (artificial intelligence) startup focused on autonomous systems, Microsoft announced on Monday a limited preview of a new Azure-based platform. Part of the platform is based on Microsoft’s acquisition of the Bonsai deal, which helps developers train models to power autonomous physical systems.

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On May 7, the Google I/O Developers Conference was held in Mountain View, California. It is worth noting that AI undoubtedly runs through the entire conference, which is called “All in AI” and “AI is good”. Google CEO Pace said that with strong AI technology, Google will turn from a company that “helps you find the answer” to a company that “helps you complete the task”. Around the powerful AI, the whole conference has the following highlights: two Pixel 3a phones are released, the price is halved; Android Q has new features; AR technology is integrated into search, camera and voice assistant; Assistant is upgraded, speed Significantly improved.

For the tenth version of the Android operating system, codenamed Android Q, Google previewed a new set of features for Android Q, and before the official launch, it has already provided developer betas on six Pixel phones and 15 non-Google devices. Android Q can achieve a collapsible interactive experience; support 5G network; Live Captions real-time video subtitles, offline, support all apps; Smart Reply smart reply and other new AI-based features.

With the advanced artificial intelligence voice assistant Google Assistant, with the advancement of deep learning technology, the 100GB voice learning model has been reduced to 0.5GB, which can be carried into the device, full voice, no need to manually click on the screen, you can see The various aspects of the system are extremely fast.

The demo staff opened the mobile phone album with full voice, and the voice can accurately locate those photos with “animals”. After selecting the pictures, they will send and edit an email with voice, and the reply can even be underlined.

On May 8th, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ICBC”) announced that the ICBC Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ICBC Technology”) established by its affiliated institutions was officially listed in Xiong’an New District, Hebei Province. Opening. Its registered capital is RMB 600 million. The main business direction is to use financial technology as a means to focus on the construction of financial scenarios such as industry customers and government services, and to carry out technological innovation, software R&D and product operation.

At the opening ceremony, ICBC and the Xiong’an New District Management Committee changed the “Memorandum of Financial Technology Cooperation” and signed the “Strategic Cooperation Agreement” with the Shanghai Stock Exchange to jointly promote the development and application of cutting-edge technology in the financial field. . At the same time, the Administrative Committee of Xiong’an New District officially launched the Xiong’an Resettlement Fund Management Blockchain Platform, which will apply the ICBC blockchain technology to realize the management of the whole process chain of the original archives and funds. In the future, ICBC will also set up the “ICBC Xiong’an Digital Finance Laboratory” to serve the construction of the Xiong’an New District and the digital Xiong’an.

On the afternoon of May 6, the second Digital China Construction Summit was held in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. Ma Huateng, Chairman and CEO of Tencent, attended the summit and spoke at the main forum and e-government sub-forum. Ma Huateng said that the “industry Internet” is becoming an important carrier for digital industrialization and industrial digitalization. Informatization is the biggest variable in the new round of technology and industrial revolution in the world. The industrial Internet will play the role of “converter”, transforming the largest variable of informatization into the largest increment of innovation and development in all walks of life.

“The traditional industrial system with complete categories and rich varieties in China has the most advantage. With the help of digital technology, it is the first to open up the smart connection from consumption to production (ie C2B), to create a variety, personalized, high-quality ‘national goods’, to help the supply side. Structural reform.” Ma Huateng said, “Tencent hopes to play the role of ‘digital assistant’ in this process, and explore the industrial Internet with all walks of life to build a digital ecosystem.”

On May 9th, at Tencent Smart Marketing Summit, Tencent Advertising announced the launch of a new brand of Tencent Marketing Solution. The new brand advocates “good connection, smart growth”. This is the first appearance of Tencent’s advertising after Tencent’s restructuring on September 30 last year.

Tencent Advertising also launched the “Tencent In Marketing” Tencent In marketing system at this summit. “Tencent In Tencent In” will be user-centered, with the mission of business growth, with the core concept of Interpersonal, Integrated, and Intelligent, building a brand and user. The beautiful connection to achieve business intelligence growth.

According to the latest survey data from market research firm Synergy Research Group, cloud infrastructure services spending in the first quarter of 2019 increased by 42% compared to the same period in 2018. It can be speculated that this growth rate is slightly lower than the level of 2018, because the market size is large and the growth rate is slowing down.

At the same time, like the past two years, Amazon’s growth rate once again exceeds the overall market. After Amazon, there are four cloud service providers that are growing at a much faster rate than the overall market, and are expanding their market share by Microsoft, Google, Alibaba and Tencent. The revenues of these four providers increased by 70% or more year-on-year.

In addition, four cloud service providers—IBM, Salesforce, Oracle, and Rackspace—have a certain market share, but to some extent are niche markets, usually with lower growth rates.

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In the 2019 global cloud market of 2019, AWS 33%, Azure 16%, Google Cloud 8%, IBM 6%, Alibaba Cloud 5%, and Salesforce 4%. In addition, Tencent Cloud, Oracle, and Rackspace each accounted for 2%. Synergy has estimated that revenue for cloud infrastructure services (including IaaS, PaaS and private cloud services) has exceeded $21 billion this quarter, with total revenues of more than $75 billion over the past four quarters. Public cloud IaaS and PaaS services accounted for the main market, with a 48% increase in the first quarter.

According to the well-known research institute IDC, the amount of data stored in the public cloud in the world will exceed that of the traditional data center in 2021. The traditional data center will be broken by the cloud from the 1960s, and the enterprise will enter the All in Cloud era.

IDC predicts that the global data volume is welcoming, from 33ZB in 2018 to 175ZB in 2025. One of the important factors driving this growth is that cloud computing has the advantages of flexible capacity expansion, on-demand use, and volume-based payment. The cloud data center is becoming a new data storage database for enterprises. 2021 will be a turning point, and the amount of data stored on the cloud will exceed that of traditional data centers. According to the Deutsche Bank analysis report, 84% of companies in China now have the willingness to go to the cloud and think that the cloud is the future.

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