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The bully game console team is disbanded, and the future of another domestic game hardware is uncertain.

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A number of people familiar with the matter revealed to the interface news that the Xiaobawang game machine project team was disbanded on May 10, and the Xiaobawang Shanghai branch directly responsible for the project has also been disbanded. So far, it has been more than a year since Xiaojun announced his entry into the game console market, and the official hardware release has been more than nine months.

“May 10 is the last day to go to work.” A small fighter Shanghai branch staff told the interface news that due to financial constraints, the game hardware products released by Xiaobawang had been delayed for sale, and the investors were pessimistic about the progress of the project. The inability to support the Xiaobawang game machine project continues to advance.

The manufacture of “domestic game consoles” is the biggest dream and ambition of practitioners in the Chinese game industry. In the international arena, players in the game console market have existed only for Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo for a long time, and almost no new forces have entered. Domestically, game console hardware has attracted companies such as Tencent, Huawei, and Lenovo to take turns.

Previously, the domestic market showed a “blank” status under the baptism of parallel imports and cottages. However, in 2014, Shanghai welcomed the new policy from the trade zone, allowing domestic and foreign-funded enterprises to develop, produce and sell healthy game entertainment equipment for the 15-year ban. period.

Then, Microsoft and Sony’s game consoles entered China. Affected by policies and international giants in China, the living room entertainment represented by game consoles is optimistic about capital and market. In China, there has been a small upsurge in game machine software and hardware development investment. Some domestic console games have been successively established, such as the perfect world “No Winter OL”. Snail Digital’s “Jiuyang Shengong” and so on. In terms of hardware, Blueport’s axe game console is the most widely known. This game console based on custom Android system quickly disappeared after its release in May 2016 and its official launch.

The Cassidy game machine project then “takes the stick” axe. On April 4, 2018, Xiao Bawang issued a statement saying that it will return to the game console market, vigorously develop game consoles and game platforms that pay more attention to the player experience, and fully respect intellectual property rights, especially game copyrights, as their own corporate strategy.

At the ChinaJoy exhibition on August 3, 2018, Xiaobawang held a press conference and officially released the “Z+ New Gaming Computer” hardware product. According to the official website of Xiaobawang products, the starting price of “Z+ New Gaming Computer” was set at 4,998 yuan, equipped with AMD custom chip, 8GB memory and 128GB SSD+1TB mechanical keyboard. Compal Computer is the production supplier of its products. In the game software, Xiao Bawang also planned several exclusive games. Xiaobawang official website shows that the hardware is scheduled to be released in August 2018.

However, after the press conference, the bully disappeared and the release date was delayed. As the mainstream PC hardware was updated, the “Z+ New Gaming Computer” was no longer competitive in terms of pricing and hardware, and the listing possibility was extremely low.

However, after the bully, there are many latecomers to the complex Chinese game console market. On April 26, Tencent announced that it will cooperate with Nintendo to sell the Nintendo Switch host in China. The release date and pricing details will be announced later.

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