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Apple’s TV app gets a new look

To prepare for the arrival of its competing video service Netflix, Apple is giving a boost to its application for managing audiovisual content.

Be careful not to confuse: at Apple, we have on one side the Apple TV box and on the other the Apple TV app. The latter works on the first, but we can also enjoy it on an iPhone or an iPad. Its function: to present in the same environment various audiovisual contents. It includes suggestions for movies and series, you can resume reading an episode or a program in progress (according to its subscriptions to OCS, Amazon Prime, CanalPlay, etc.) and find the contents purchased on the Apple store. “Our users have access to a lot of video applications on their iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, but it’s not always easy to find the best content, which is why we came up with this application, which brings together the majority of between them, “explains Le Figaro, an Apple spokesperson. Only problem: the presentation of the app in question is not always very consistent,the future service of VOD Apple TV + , planned for this autumn, which is presented as a competitor of Netflix … In short, it was time to impose a makeover to this app.

Custom recommendations

Its new version, which we could preview and will be available this week via an update (for iPad, iPhone and Apple TV), provides an optimized overview. The home screen, titled “Watch”, contains the most recent content. It includes the “To follow”, which allows you to resume a program where the reading stopped, and which is enriched with new services (but not Netflix). For its part, the “Do not miss” offers the latest news, movies and series that we speak. Finally, the “For you” section offers personalized recommendations according to the programs we are watching.

And to see more clearly, tabs at the top of the screen give more obvious access to the usual sections: the Movies tab contains the catalog of feature films to rent or buy, the TV Series tab offers different series From different broadcasters, the Kids tab brings together children’s movies and age-themed cartoons, and the Library tab collects all video content categorized by category. We note in passing that the Sport tab, which gives access to specialty channels in sports events, does not appear while it is available in the US version of the app. In each section, you can view the summary of a program and even navigate through the summaries without having to go back to the main page. Finally, as on Netflix,

Subscription sharing

In addition to this cosmetic touch, the TV app also offers a new subscription formula that allows you to buy paid services directly without leaving the app. No need to download another app or go through a web page: in one click, you can subscribe to a content provider and enjoy its programs from the TV app. For now, the offer in France is limited to Starzplay, a service of films and original series (including Boss, Outlander or American Gods), particularly well established in the Middle East and North Africa, whose videos can be viewed offline. In the United States, Apple offers the services of HBO, MTV Hits and ShowTime. Others should be added soon. But certainly not Netflix, who decided to go it alone to escape the commissions claimed by Apple. You will still need to download the Netflix App and subscribe from the company’s website. Small bonus: With the Family Sharing feature, users will be able to share their subscriptions to these channels with their family members. Waiting,

Finally, the TV app will soon appear on Mac. It is also on some connected TVs, including the latest models of Samsung and soon those of Sony and LG.

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