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Five dead in a mysterious crossbow case

Three dead in Passau, two dead bodies in Lower Saxony: The crossbow case raises many questions and puts a not ordinary sports equipment into focus.

It’s a scary scenario: in a lonely pension in Passau employees find three bodies in a guest room, then discover investigators in the apartment of one of the dead in Lower Saxony, two more lifeless women. The three pension guests in Passau apparently died by arrows. The police ensure three crossbows. At first, there is no information on the circumstances of death of the two women in Wittingen, Lower Saxony. There, the officials find the information but no crossbows and arrows. Many questions are still open in this mysterious case.

Concern in Gifhorn

While the Passauer Pension had already returned to everyday life on Sunday, the work of the police is in full swing on Monday in Wittingen. The half-timbered house, where the bodies were found, is cordoned off with a flapper.

In the small town in the district of Gifhorn after the finding of the corpses there is concern. Residents puzzle what happened. According to a police spokesman, one of the two dead women is probably the life partner of a 30-year-old who was discovered dead in Passau. According to local residents, this was said to have been a teacher and always strikingly black.

What could have happened in the pension and the apartment, is still in the dark. An autopsy of the bodies is intended to give indications. In the corpses of a 53-year-old and a 33-year-olds in Passau put several arrows, as the Passau senior prosecutor Walter Feiler said. The two were hand in hand in a double bed. The dead 30-year-old lay on the floor of the guest room and had an arrow stuck in her body. A farewell letter was not found in the pension, no luggage.

Crossbow in focus

The enigmatic death of the five people also brings the crossbow into focus. Murders with the sports equipment, there are always. According to the German Schützenbund (DSB), about 1.35 million members are organized in more than 14 200 shooting clubs. Around 3000 of them are crossbowmen. From the age of 18, crossbows can be freely acquired, as a DSB spokesman says.

“Acquisition and possession as well as leading of crossbows are without permission according to the weapon law”, informs also a speaker of the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior. According to the weapons law, the crossbow falls under the items “equivalent to firearms”.

As the firearms equated portable objects in which solid bodies are fired targeted, “the driving energy can be introduced by muscle power and stored by a locking device,” said the ministry spokesman. That’s true of the crossbow. In firearms projectiles would be driven by a run – and that in turn was not the case with the crossbow.

Expensive purchase

In the association, a distinction is made under sporting and traditional shooting, says the DSB specialist. On rifle festivals, the so-called bird shooting on wooden birds is popular. Sporting shooters compete at national and international competitions. Will be shot with arrows or bolts, in the DSB only bolts would be used.

Simple leisure crossbows give it from 100 euros. The professional Armbrustsport, however, is not cheap: Such a device costs between 6000 and 8000 euros. For hunting, the crossbow is not allowed in Germany. This does not apply in this country as Waidgerecht, as the DSB spokesman stressed.

Whether the women found dead or the man were shooters or whether they bought the crossbows, is still completely unclear.

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