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Russian space source: Russian lunar rover on the moon will be controlled by robots

May 12, according to the Russian satellite network, Russian rocket and aerospace sources said to the satellite news agency on the 12th that the plan to use the “Lunar-29” landing station between the planet to transport to the moon’s lunar rover, will be a humanoid Robot control.

Data Map: On September 25, 2017, the European Space Agency released a 3D printed lunar base rendering on September 22. It is estimated that by 2040, 100 people will live on the moon, melt ice into water, 3d print houses and living tools, and plant plants in the lunar soil.

Earlier, it was reported that the “Lunar-29” plan was launched in 2028. Another source in the relevant field disclosed to the satellite news agency that the “Lunar-29” landing station and the lunar rover carrying it weighed 1.3 tons. It is planned to use the “Angara-A5B” launch vehicle to carry oxygen-hydrogen from the Eastern launch site. The booster block KVTK is launched.

According to sources, “the lunar rover shipped by ‘Lunar-29’ will be controlled by humanoid robots.”

He said that this idea was only recently produced.

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