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“Student customized version of Huawei mobile phone” appeared on campus? Official response: a full investigation will be conducted

According to the official WeChat public account of the Liuzhou Municipal Education Bureau of Guangxi, the “Circular Report on the Suspected Customized Mobile Phone Event of Liuzhou Senior High School” was released. Since the evening of May 12, a number of news media and online media have successively reprinted relevant reports on “Shenyang Middle School launched a student-customized Huawei mobile phone”. After learning of the incident, the Liuzhou Municipal Education Bureau instructed Liuzhou High School to investigate and verify.

After preliminary understanding, the basic situation of the incident is: At 4 pm on May 11th, Liuzhou Senior High School organized a parent meeting for the first-grade students. After a certain vice president of the school agreed that a company had a 5-minute period with the parents of the students. The introduction of the mobile phone management platform explained in the PPT picture caused some parents and students to question.

This behavior violates the “Emergency Notice on Prohibiting Commercial Advertisements, Commercial Activities Entering Primary and Secondary Schools and Kindergartens” (Teaching Office Letter [2018] No. 77). The bureau has formed a joint investigation team to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the incident. Once verified, it will be dealt with according to the law.

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