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In Sudan, agreement reached on a three-year political transition

The Sudanese Military Council and representatives of the protesters announced on Wednesday, May 15, an agreement on a three-year political transition period to prepare a transfer of power to civilians.

This is another step in the search for an agreement between the Sudanese army and the protesters’ representatives. “We have agreed on a three-year transition period,” General Yasser Atta, a member of the military council who took power after President Omar al-Bashir’s ouster on 11 April , told reporters . swept away by a wave of protests that began in December after tripling the price of bread. This transition period must prepare a transfer of power to civilians .

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Madani Abbas Madani, a representative of the Alliance for Freedom and Change (ALC), the spearhead of the protest movement, confirmed the agreement. So far, the protesters wanted a four-year transition period when the military wanted to shorten it to two years. According to General Atta, the first six months of the three-year transition period would be spent on peace agreements with rebel movements in western and southern Sudan.

The outstanding issue of the Sovereign Council

The senior officer also reported agreement on the prerogatives and composition of the future legislature. It will include, he said, 300 appointed members and will consist of 67% by representatives of the demonstrators, meeting within the ALC. The rest of the assembly will be occupied by political forces not affiliated with the LAC.

The senior Sudanese official has not mentioned an agreement on the composition of the Sovereign Council, which will be the high authority of the transition period before the total transfer of power to civilians. The army is looking for a majority on this council while the ALC wants it to be dominated by civilians. General Atta, however, promised “total agreement in less than 24 hours to meet the aspirations of the people.”

The talks between the Military Council and the LAC began on Monday and gave rise to the first day of a quick agreement on the structure of the institutions of the transitional period, namely a Sovereign Council, a Cabinet and a Legislative Assembly. But violence, which left six dead – five civilians and one soldier – and many wounded weakened the talks . The military council attributed the violence to “elements” seeking to derail the political process. But the ALC has accused the army. “We are taking full responsibility for what happened yesterday (Monday, Ed)to the Military Council, because he is in charge of protecting protesters, “said a leader of the protest movement, Mohammed Naji al-Assam, on Tuesday. Violence, which fortunately did not prevent the talks from reaching an agreement between the two parties.

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