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Vladimir Putin receives the head of American diplomacy, Mike Pompeo

Russian President receives Tuesday May 14 Mike Pompeo to try to “stabilize” the very tense relations between his country and the United States.

There are many issues that cause tension and discord between the American and Russian powers. The meeting, Tuesday, May 14, between Vladimir Putin and the head of the American diplomacy, Mike Pompeo, could be the occasion of a possible appeasement between the two countries. According to the Kremlin, the latter must meet his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov before the two senior diplomats are received by the Russian president.

Mike Pompeo will then be the highest US official to meet Vladimir Putin since the summit in July 2018 in Helsinki with Donald Trump, who shocked the American political class by its conciliatory tone against the master of the Kremlin. Close to the US President, Mike Pompeo is still in favor of a hard line against Moscow.

Venezuela, the culmination of tensions

The menu looks busy for this meeting. In addition to the Iranian dossier on Monday by Mike Pompeo in Brussels and the hot topic of disarmament – Moscow and Washington must negotiate the next nuclear arms control treaty Start, the current text expires in 2021 – other topics maintain the climate new Cold War between the two countries.

Venezuela is currently the most sensitive subject, by its geopolitical stake. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Riabkov said he hoped the US Secretary of State’s visit would “stabilize somewhat” the relations between the two countries but acknowledged, quoted by Interfax, that The discussions were “difficult” on Venezuela, the positions of the two countries being “diametrically opposed”. In recent weeks, Russia and the United States have accused each other of interference in Venezuela. While Moscow is an essential ally of President Nicolas Maduro, the Americans support opposition leader Juan Guaido. Russia has criticized the “irresponsible” support of the United States for the failed coupagainst Nicolas Maduro, president elected during the last presidential election. Mike Pompeo said that Maduro was ready to leave the country but that his Russian support had dissuaded him.

The question of Russian interference in the electoral process of the last US presidential election also does not end up making people talk. US Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s report found no evidence of any dealings between Russia and Donald Trump’s entourage in 2016, but said Russia “has interfered in the 2016 presidential election. ‘a systematic way’. Mike Pompeo promised “hard measures” against these “harmful activities” of Moscow and expects to expect the same kind of illegal Russian activities in 2020. “And we must expect them to continue in 2050,” he said. he said. The Kremlin has always denied any interference, putting these accusations on account of internal political struggles in Washington.

A possible meeting at the G20 in June

In the same dossier, Moscow denounces the fate of Maria Butina, the only Russian arrested and sentenced in three years of investigation into Russian interference in American politics . Accused of being a Russian agent in the United States, she was sentenced to 18 months in detention. Vladimir Putin described his conviction as “arbitrary” , pointing out that he did not understand why she had been sentenced. In Russia, British American Paul Whelan has been remanded in custody. This ex-Marine, arrested at the end of December in Moscow, is accused of espionage.

Another point of tension between the two powers dates back to 2014, when Russia annexed the Ukrainian Peninsula of Crimea. Washington, opposed to this annexation, imposed sanctions striking a blow to the Russian economy and the national currency. In the wake, a war broke out in the east of the country between the Ukrainian army and pro-Russian separatists supported militarily, according to Kiev and Westerners, by Russia. The conflict has killed nearly 13,000 people so far. Sanctions have been hardened ever since by Washington and Westerners.

Donald Trump announced a meeting with Vladimir Putin at the G20 in Japan, which will be held in late June. A news that was denied Monday night by the Kremlin. “There was no such request. There is no agreement yet, “said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

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