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International wanted 4 suspects in the plane crash MH17 Malaysia Airlines

Three Russians and one Ukrainian will face allegations of murder, due to the incident of MH17 Malaysia Airlines in July 2014, leaving 298 people dead. The trial began in the Netherlands in March (2020), an investigation team said Wednesday (June 19).

The suspects are likely to be tried in absentia, however, as the Netherlands has said, Russia has not cooperated with investigators and is not expected to hand over anyone, according to Nikkei.

The Dutch-led international investigation team has been assigned to investigate the case of destroying the aircraft that gave the names of four suspects, including three Russians Sergey Dubinsky, Oleg Pulatov, Igor Girkin and one Ukraine is Leonid Kharchenko.

The investigation team said that the international wanted 4 suspects were issued.

By the time the MH17 plane was on its way from Amsterdam to the capital of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, when it flew over the territory held by the Russian proclamation in eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014, the The plane was shot down and everyone in the plane died.

Most people on the aircraft were Dutch.

The joint investigation team established by Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, the Netherlands and Ukraine – discovered that the aircraft was shot down by a Russian missile.

Last year, Russian President Putin called the MH17 plane crash a “terrible tragedy,” but said Moscow did not blame, and had different explanations for what happened.

The governments of the Netherlands and Australia have said they hold Russia’s legal responsibility.

When asked if he expected the suspects to come to the trial, Silene Fredriksz, whose son Bryce and his girlfriend Daisy were on the ill-fated plane, Mrs. Silene said: No I do not think so. But I do not care. I just want the truth, and the truth. ”

Meanwhile, Moscow said they did not trust the investigation.

Investigators said the Girkin suspect was a former Colonel FSB, who served as the Defense Minister of the Donetsk Republic (DNR) in the summer of 2014.

The group said the Dubinsky suspect was the head of the DNR’s military intelligence service, while Pulatov headed a secondary division of the military intelligence agency DNR. And Ukrainian citizen, Kharchenko, was the head of a battalion that closely supervised the secondary agency.

Investigators say they will ask the Russian government to allow them to interrogate suspects currently in Russia. The group said, Kharchenko is said to be currently in Ukraine.

Prosecutors said earlier that the missile system shot down aircraft from the Russian Air Defense Brigade 53 (Russian 53rd Anti-Aircraft Brigade), based in the western city of Kursk.

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