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King CEO will leave, Google closes YouTube Gaming App

King co-founder and CEO will leave in July

After 16 years in the studio, King Studio CEO Riccardo Zacconi is ready to step down.

Zacconi is one of the co-founders of Candy Legend Developer. He has been King’s CEO since the studio commercialized in 2013.

According to King’s parent company, Activision Blizzard’s announcement, Zacconi will officially step down as CEO on July 1. However, he will not leave King, but will switch to the position of chairman and continue to guide the management of King and Activision Blizzard. .

King’s flagship product is the “Candy Legend” series, including “Candy Legend”, “Candy Soda Legend”, “Candy Crush Saga”, “Candy Friends Legend”, etc. Q1 “Candy Legend” mobile game revenue reached 392 million US dollars.The daily activity increased by 2% to 272 million people. Average game time per player increased to 38 minutes per person per day. According to Activision Blizzard Q1’s financial report, King’s total revenue reached 529 million US dollars in the quarter. Operating profit reached 178 million US dollars, profit margin 34%, driving the visual blizzard DAU and game duration (in the various departments of Activision Blizzard) the best results.

“Self-going chess” officially named “A lot of self-going chess.”

Yesterday (May 29th) afternoon, the giant bird’s “Self-Walking” mobile game released an official notice, saying that they “expanded with Valve and reached a consensus.” “Self-go” is officially named “A lot of self-going chess”. At the same time, it was announced that on May 30, “A lot of self-going chess” will be upgraded to a formal service.

Google intends to close the YouTube Gaming App

Google is preparing to turn off the YouTube Gaming App today (May 30) because Google wants to “create a stronger community for the gaming community on YouTube, not just the YouTube Gaming App.” Of course, after turning off the game app, all the game content on YouTube can still be obtained from the YouTube main app.

YouTube games were launched in both App and Web versions in 2015. The app is designed to highlight developers. In September last year, YouTube launched a new menu. The menu was based on finding new games and bloggers.

“Our problem is that if a user doesn’t have the app, or if you don’t use the game menu, then the user can’t find the developer.” Ryan Wyatt, director of YouTube’s gaming division, said in September last year, “This type of user Just uses the YouTube app, so we don’t have many users going to the game app and the game channel.”

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