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PC online game “League of Legends” 2019 MSI group match FW lightning wolf four days of swallowing two defeats, the current record two wins and six defeats

The League of Legends 2019 MSI Mid-Term Invitational Group Day is the fourth day of the day. The Flash Wolves (FW) Lightning Wolf is defeated by the European team G2 Esports (G2) and the Korean team SKT T1 (SKT) in today’s event. Two wins and six defeats.
The League of Legends 2019 MSI Mid-Term Invitational Group Tournament entered the fourth day of the race today in Vietnam. The six group matches included G2 Esports (G2) in the European LEC Division, SKT T1 in the LCK Division in South Korea, and FW in the LMS Division in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.
TL of North American LCS Division, Phong Vũ Buffalo (PVB) of Vietnam VCS Division and Invictus Gaming (IG) of last year’s World Champion Team and China LPL Division continued to launch the BO1 double-cycle battle to compete for the semi-finals.
  • Lightning wolf
The first game of today was led by the FW Lightning Wolf and G2 Esports (G2). G2 didn’t succeed in assembling the FW in two minutes in 7 minutes. In the rescue of teammates, FW took the G2 Caps head and got the first kill of the game.
 In 13 minutes, the FW took the initiative on the road, and the G2 responded quickly and countered the advantage; the FW took the turn to get the first outer tower. Although there was not much difference between the two sides, G2 gradually controlled the situation of the game; then the FW active attack in the headwind situation did not produce very good results.
In 26 minutes, G2 grabbed FW Betty and attacked the FW Highland Battalion from the middle. The G2 has gained the advantage of the game. In 28 minutes, G2 easily took the Bronze Buff and gave FW pressure again.
Then, G2 pressed from the lower road into the FW high ground and forced back to the hot spring area. The G2 defeated the FW main fort in 30 minutes and won the fifth victory, while the FW had a record of two wins and five defeats.
  The second game was played by Phong Vũ Buffalo (PVB) on Team Liquid (TL), 3 minutes TL on the road Impact was taken to Gank, was first killed, 6 minutes PVB wanted Gank to go down, but was doubled by Doublelift to win the Garyo Head, TL continued to kill Leiz on the road, TL then took the first tower, 16 minutes PVB started to kill CoreJJ, but could not stop TL to continue to split the tower, and PVB Naul was finally closed by TL, then TL continued After losing three opponents, the chin is not damaged.
After a 23-minute TL hit and a change, the Baron Buff went straight to the opponent’s high ground, PVB was completely unable to resist, and the 26-minute TL broke the opponent’s main fort and won the third victory.
  In the third game, the IG, which has won the current record with the G2, was delayed for a period of time before the start of the game due to equipment problems. The two sides played with the gods and were quite brilliant.
 IG took out Victor on the road, and the 5-minute G2 team launched the offensive, but was attacked by IG, IG took the first kill of Perkz, and 8 minutes G2 launched the offensive again. a human head. IG then ate the fire dragon, 11 minutes IG caught Jankos, then 11 minutes G2 and IG battle, G2 played two for three, 13 minutes G2 released the forecaster, but IG took the first tower, 14 minutes IG want to push the second tower.
However, G2 caught the opportunity to play a three-for-three, G2 successfully ate the fire dragon, but IG then quickly hit the road, and then two people, and in the middle of the road to kill Mikyx, IG crazy collision, 20 points on both sides The number has been leveled, and IG has achieved a leading position of two thousand economies.
  In 23 minutes, IG attempted to fight for Balong, and G2 went to explore. After being replaced by IG in the middle of the road, IG did not damage the chin. The two sides continued to open the battle. As a result, IG continued to make an advantage.
The 27-minute IG forced the opponent’s high ground, and the G2 took Ning away. The 29-minute G2 took TheShy and forced the opponent’s high ground.
The G2 was defeated by the opponent ACE and IG in the high ground. After eating Baron, he went straight to the other high ground. After losing his opponent in 33 minutes, he attacked the main fort. IG maintained a winning record.
  The fourth game was played by FW on the LCK team SKT T1. Betty was forced to cross the flash at the beginning of the game. SKT continued to attack the center and the road in the early stage.
In 7 minutes, SKT took the first kill in the middle of Gank Rather, and then SKT Faker killed again. Rather, 10 minutes Hanabi was caught and the FW was in a disadvantage. In the 12-minute battle between the two sides, SKT made a change and ate the forecaster.
Then SKT took the map objects such as the two towers and Xiaolong, and the economy was already 7,000 in 18 minutes. 21 minutes SKT does not damage Baron. The 23-minute FW successfully killed the Faker who pushed too deep, but SKT counter-killed Bugi. 27 minutes SKT eats the chin, the FW wants to defend, and the SKT receives three heads in the equipment gap.
SKT continues to push the opponent’s high ground. SKT breaks the lightning wolf 31 minutes after playing the ACE. SKT wins and the current record is four. Win three defeats, and FW has two wins and six defeats.

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