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President Trump: China has ‘eaten us alive’ under Obama

President Donald Trump on Tuesday (June 11) said he was taking the initiative in negotiating a trade agreement with China and was not interested in promoting it unless Beijing had to agree. 4 or 5 “main requirements”, according to Reuters.

“China is a big competitor and right now China is keen to make a deal,” Trump told reporters at the White House. “Right now, I am holding the agreement. And we will do a lot of things with China or not make a deal.”

The United States asked China to change its structure deeply, curb subsidies for state-owned enterprises and enable US companies to have fairer access to the Chinese market.

Tensions between Washington and Beijing broke out in May after the Trump administration announced that China had given up its promise to create economic structural changes they had agreed to after several months of trade negotiations. 

“We had an agreement with China and then they turned to renegotiation. They say we do not want to have 4 or 5 of those main requirements. Unless they come back to the agreed agreement, there will be an agreement, [vice versa] I am not interested, “Mr. Trump added.

President Trump imposed a 25% tax on China’s 200 billion USD imports and threatened to impose taxes on another 300 billion USD unless the two countries reach an agreement. Beijing retaliated with tariffs on US $ 60 billion of US goods.

Also on Tuesday, President Trump criticized the former deputy of his predecessor Barack Obama, the 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden for his views on China.

“Joe Biden thinks that China is not our competitor. Joe Biden is a mannequin, ”Mr. Trump told reporters. “China has earned $ 500 billion in a short period of time against Obama and Biden.”

“Right now China is paying us billions and billions of dollars, they never give us 10 cents. China has devoured our country in the Obama and Biden times.”

President Trump continued: “They have eaten us alive. And then, Biden also has some financial relationships [with China], or his son. Say it? China has eaten the United States economically, it’s a shame. ”

Biden, Brack Obama’s vice-president for eight years, recently had a storm of criticism from both Democrats and Republicans when he spoke that China is not a threat to the US. “  Will China steal our food? Come on, there is no such thing, “Biden said on May 1 in Iowa City. “I mean, you know, they’re not bad people.”

During a visit to Beijing in December 2013, Vice President Biden was criticized for being soft with Beijing while negotiating a series of sensitive issues with China, including the South China Sea , trade and transfers. technology. 

Hunter Biden’s Rosemont, his son Joe Biden, received a $ 1 billion private equity deal from the Chinese government, according to Peter Schweizer in his 2018 book: “Secret Empires : Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends: How the American Political Classes Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends (How the American Politics hide corruption and enrich families and friends).

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