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Taiwan tracks China’s Liaoning carrier in the South China Sea


Taiwanese military said it had accurate information about the moves and current position of China ‘s Liaoning aircraft carrier when the group entered the South China Sea, according to SCMP.

Taiwan‘s Ministry of Defense issued the statement today, Thursday, but did not specify the location or route of the Chinese carrier, nor did it disclose information about corvettes and machines. Flight included.

The last time the media reported on the Liaoning combat group was when the group passed through Japanese waters on June 11.

“The [Taiwan] military can deploy all relevant intelligence to capture all of Liaoning’s activities, including its ships and aircraft escorting it throughout its journey. in related areas, ”Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said.” The military has the capacity to protect Taiwan, as well as maintain peace and stability in the region.”

Taiwanese media quoted an unnamed intelligence source as saying that the Liaoning combat group had moved west of the Pacific after leaving the Miyako Strait, approaching near Guam and the Philippines, before entering the South China Sea. 

The Taiwan Central News Agency reported on Wednesday that the Liaoning ship would likely visit artificial islands that Beijing built in the Spratly island chain.

Taiwanese newspapers said the move of the Liaoning ship was in response to the United States, which recently sent warships across the Taiwan Strait, the dividing line between mainland China and Taiwan (the island has independent democracy but considered Beijing’s breakaway province.

Authorities President Trump is encouraging other countries to send warships through the Straits of Taiwan, to accomplish the freedom of navigation activities.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense on Wednesday confirmed that a Canadian warship had crossed the Taiwan Strait on Tuesday – two months after the French Republic had a similar drill.

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