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The world’s first zero-waste flight. More than 160 people only discharge a small garbage bag!


Perhaps anyone who has ever been on an airplane has been familiar with disposable products such as paper towels, plastic bags, packaging, plastic containers of food … and feels that is very normal. However, an airline from Australia is taking a new step by exploiting the world’s first zero-waste commercial flight.

The first flight has no waste


According to Qantas, about 1,000 plastic items have been completely removed or replaced by reusable or recyclable products: Dairy products are individually packaged. Containers of flour made from sugarcane and cutlery made from corn starch instead of plastic …

Thus, after the flight, instead of all the garbage being thrown directly into the trash, these alternatives will be handled by the airline through recycling, incubation or reuse.

A clear difference in the amount of garbage 

In a photo on Facebook uploaded on June 5, Qantas showed the results of its efforts to limit garbage.


White garbage bags are created from one of Qantas’ regular flights, while the small front pocket is a non-recyclable and non-biodegradable waste that is released from a zero-waste flight in May Obviously, the difference in the amount of garbage generated is incredible!

Qantas also said that garbage in small bags will be reused to replace fossil fuels to power cement kilns. Thus, this flight was actually a completely zero-waste flight.

Qantas plans to eliminate 75% of waste by 2021

According to Qantas Andrew David’s domestic CEO, an average flight can accommodate 168 passengers and generate 34kg of waste. Particularly, Sydney to Adelaide routes generate about 150 tons of waste each year. Therefore, the transition to non-waste flights is part of the airline’s plan to eliminate 75% of waste by the end of 2021. Qantas also plans to remove 100 thousand tons of disposable plastic. every year at the end of 2020.

Not only is the flight removing disposable plastic items, passengers are also encouraged to switch to digital boarding cards and electronic pocket cards instead of paper. Any used travel document and card has been processed by flight staff to prevent waste generation. 

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