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Vietnam:The total solar eclipse will appear on July 2

The announcement of NASA’s Aeronautics and Space Agency said that the July 2 solar eclipse will take place.

This astronomical phenomenon will begin off the coast of New Zealand and peak north of Easter Island, in Chile. This phenomenon will last 4 minutes 33 seconds.

The total eclipse will go through the South Pacific region, Central Argentina and Central Chile. Solar eclipse will also appear in parts of the South Pacific and Southwestern America.

VTV News said that in Vietnam, eclipse is not observed this time.

It is known that the total solar eclipse will occur when the Moon completely obscures the Sun, revealing a beautiful outer atmosphere called the coronary ring.

According to Wikipedia, the total solar eclipse can only occur at the time of the young moon squirrel when viewed from the Earth, when the Sun is obscured by the Moon and the Moon’s shadow covers the Earth. During the total solar eclipse, the Sun’s disk was completely hidden.

With a partial eclipse or an annular, the Sun disk is partially obscured.

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