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Vulkan game boosts “End of the War” by 18% through GeForce GPU

NVIDIA announced that has ” exotic expedition (Strange Brigade)” Vulkan performance on lifting up to 13%, in addition to play “Through today’s release of the driver Armageddon War the Z-World ,” when, in accordance with the different systems in combination with the GPU The performance can be increased by up to 18%.

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  At last month’s Game Developers Conference (GDC), NVIDIA launched the world’s first all-ray tracing game – the Vulkan game ” Quake 2 ” ray tracing version, named ” Quake 2 RTX” , amazing all game fans. In the previous version of the game driver, we have ” exotic expedition(Strange Brigade)” Vulkan performance on lifting up to 13%.
  The latest version of the Game Ready NVIDIA drivers also perform ” Fury Purgatory 2 ” and ” Total War: Three (Total War: Three Kingdoms)” the best choice. Its continuation of NVIDIA’s mission is for GeForce players to deliver next-generation features and performance in a variety of games that use the Vulkan API. For example, when performing the ” Dooms of War World War Z” through today’s released drivers , the performance can be increased by up to 18% depending on the combination of different GPUs and systems.
  The NVIDIA team continued to optimize and tune after the release of the Game Ready driver, and the results of these efforts were demonstrated in the Battle of Doomsday , bringing significant performance improvements.
  All NVIDIA Game Ready drivers are certified by Microsoft WHQL, and these drivers will be released on the day of the release of most heavyweight games and recommended for players who want the best performance and the perfect gaming experience.

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