When is the next NHL game?

When is the next NHL game?

On Friday, the NHL announced that it would be hosting a new game, scheduled for April 13 at 7 p.m.

ET, on the new “Mighty Ducks” arena at the Canadian Tire Centre in Toronto.

It will be the last game played at the former site of the old Toronto Coliseum, and it will mark the first time the NHL has played a home game in the new arena since 2008.

The game will be broadcast by TSN, the sports network owned by Rogers Communications Inc. and Sportsnet, and will be simulcast on Sportsnet GO.

The new arena is the largest and most modern in the NHL, with an ice rink, artificial turf, artificial grass and other amenities.

The arena seats about 3,500, and is the third largest in the league behind only the old Bell Centre in Montreal and the new Rogers Centre in Vaughan, Ont.

The building will feature new seating, a new scoreboard, and an indoor practice facility.

The first game played there was a 1-1 tie in 2003.

The team that won the game, the San Jose Sharks, won the Stanley Cup that year.

“We are pleased to bring this unique and exciting brand of hockey to the City of Toronto,” Toronto Mayor John Tory said in a statement.

“Our new arena will be a landmark in the revitalization of our city and will provide a venue for the league’s best players, coaches, and executives.”

While it was announced in April, there were a few lingering questions surrounding the game.

Why would the NHL be playing a new arena in Toronto?

Why not a new venue in a more competitive market?

And why not the old arena?

Toronto’s hockey fans were hoping that the arena would be home to the Leafs.

It would have been a huge boost to the city’s NHL franchise, and a major step towards bringing the team back to Toronto.

Instead, the team will have to leave the city and its hockey fans in a bit of a pinch.

This was the first game ever played in Toronto since the Maple Leafs relocated to North America in the early 2000s.

This will be their final game in Canada.

The Leafs’ attendance has been a bit below average over the years, with the average attendance at their home games this season averaging less than 20,000.

With fewer fans, the teams attendance could drop.

That would be a setback for the Leafs, but it also would be one that they could take advantage of.

The Maple Leafs won the last Stanley Cup in 2006, so the NHL is going to need to turn to their best to get them back.

It’s also important to note that the Leafs will not play in the building next season, which is also in Toronto, but the team has indicated that it will be moving to the newly-named Maple Leaf Gardens in 2019.

It won’t be a huge blow to the team, but there will be many who will be disappointed with this announcement.

With the NHL being a fan-friendly league, this could have been an opportunity to showcase a new and improved arena, and get a new stadium built.

It could also have given the league a chance to build some buzz for the upcoming season.

It seems like an easy decision for the city, but Toronto has had its fair share of bad decisions.

While the NHL was once an all-consuming city, it has become a city that is increasingly focused on the business of sports.

The Toronto Maple Leafs, a team that had an average attendance of 17,092 last season, have recently been relegated to the basement of the NHL standings.

This season, the Maple Leaf owners have announced plans to move their team to a new building in Mississauga.

It is expected that the Maple League will be relocated to Toronto in 2019 and the Maple Football Club will relocate to Quebec City.

The NHL has a great deal of control over its league.

The commissioner of the league, Gary Bettman, is the commissioner of Major League Soccer, which has a fan base of more than 11 million fans.

The NBA has a massive presence in the city.

The National Hockey League’s New Jersey Devils have been in the Garden since 1995 and have made the playoffs seven times in the last eight seasons.

The NFL is a league that is growing at a rapid pace and has a fanbase of more and more fans every year.

While there are still a lot of fans in the market for a new hockey arena, there is a growing demand from the general public for better arenas for fans to see their favorite teams.

This could have made a big difference for the Maple Levesons fan base.

The league may have also found a way to give the Leafs fans some incentive to stay.

The previous NHL team in Toronto was the Buffalo Sabres, which was a part of the former Toronto Maple Leaf organization.

They went through a period of time where they were one of the best teams in the world, and fans were always excited to see the Leafs in the playoffs.

The Sabres lost their first


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