When Marriott International launches a new hotel in Toronto, it’ll use a “small-scale, global brand”

When Marriott International launches a new hotel in Toronto, it’ll use a “small-scale, global brand”

In the fall of 2019, Marriott International (MAR), the world’s largest hotel company, will announce its first Toronto hotel.

For a company that is already synonymous with global brand positioning, this is going to be a huge deal.

But how does a company known for being global to be starting a new brand in Toronto?

Let’s take a look.

What does Marriott mean for Toronto?

Marriott’s Toronto office is located in the heart of the city’s arts district, just south of Union Station.

Marriott’s hotel portfolio is diverse, covering both corporate and residential properties.

It also includes properties for the city and surrounding communities, such as the University of Toronto’s flagship Marriott City campus and the University Hospital.

This means the hotel’s brand will be the focus of Toronto hotels.

Marriott has partnered with some of the best artists and designers in the city, and it has made significant investments in cultural institutions.

Marriott plans to build two new, internationally-renowned hotels in the Greater Toronto Area: a luxury hotel called The Regency in Scarborough, and a new luxury hotel at the site of the old Regency building.

It is also looking to expand its Toronto hotel portfolio into downtown Toronto, which is home to the city-owned CN Tower.

The Regent and The Regencies, the largest and tallest residential towers in Toronto’s core, are the subject of a $10-billion redevelopment plan that is expected to begin in 2019.

What about the Regency’s future?

When it opened its doors in 2020, The Regents new building looked to be an extension of the existing Regency, but that is not the case.

The regency building was a small hotel built in the 1920s, which was sold for $3.9 million to a real estate firm for the refurbishment of the tower.

The refurbishment included a complete renovation of the building and the addition of an outdoor courtyard and indoor gardens.

The new Regency is now a modern, four-star hotel with a rooftop pool and a restaurant.

It will be a brand new, luxury hotel in the centre of Toronto.

The building itself has been restored and is slated to be open in late 2019.

The Regency Hotel in Toronto is located just south-west of the CN Tower, which has been renamed The Regence by the city.

As a brand that is built around its location in the downtown core, Marriott is excited about the hotel, which will include amenities like a fitness centre, fitness centre lounges, a sauna, an indoor tennis court, a full-service restaurant, a rooftop restaurant, and, most importantly, a new indoor fitness room.

The hotel will have a fully-stocked fitness centre and sauna as well as a full range of restaurants and other services, including a yoga studio, a sports bar, a cinema, and outdoor terraces.

What’s in store for the Regent?

The Regente will be one of Marriott’s largest properties, but it will also be a luxury building with a new rooftop pool.

This will be an outdoor outdoor terrace, where guests will be able to chill and enjoy their leisure activities, while also enjoying the views.

There will be seating for up to 50 guests and balconies to sit on and enjoy the views and views of the Toronto skyline.

The indoor fitness centre will feature a saunas, saunches, and steam rooms.

In addition, there will be space for a rooftop bar and lounge for the corporate suite, and there will also a rooftop terrace for dining and social activities.

The rooftop bar will be open to the public.

The terrace pool will be located on the second floor and will be accessible to the lobby.

The ground floor will be fully equipped with a spa and a private sauna.

The lounge will have seating for 100 guests and an indoor patio.

The outdoor terracing will be equipped with saunters, sauna and a full bar, while the indoor terrace will be used for the outdoor pool.

The patio terrace can also be accessed by a small indoor basketball court.

The Royal Canadian Legion is currently hosting a free community event at the Regents indoor pool in November 2019.

It has been a while since the Regens indoor pool has been used in such a way.

What else is going on at the hotel?

While the Regencies rooftop pool is the focus, the Regente also plans to open a fully stocked fitness centre in the Regenac, a large outdoor sauna on the third floor, a fully equipped fitness room and saunaus, and more.

There are also plans for a small fitness center to open on the fourth floor of the Regenz, and an outdoor fitness room to open in 2020.

How will the Regenta and Regents impact Toronto’s tourism industry?

As the city grows, there are more and more opportunities for international travelers to book their hotel rooms in Toronto.

With the growth of international guests,


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