Which is better: Islam or Christianity?

Which is better: Islam or Christianity?

Posted May 04, 2018 03:06:56 English translation of this article by Kathryn M. Allen The following excerpt is from her article: In the days of Muhammad, Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Muslims were not afraid to face the enemy.

The Christians, in particular, were well armed and well equipped to fight the Muslim armies of the time.

It was the Jews, on the other hand, who faced more challenges.

They had a number of problems to deal with, and one of them was the fear of death.

It wasn’t a great thing to die in a battle, but to die at the hands of a Muslim was certainly an ordeal for Jews and Muslims alike.

When the battle of Uhud took place in 632, there was a large Jewish community in Arabia, which had been established in Palestine by Muhammad.

There was a Jewish army under the command of a Jew named Jaffar al-Bakri, who fought alongside Muhammad in the Battle of Uhur.

Jaffars soldiers killed Muslims, captured their booty, and gave it to the Muslim community.

When the Muslim army invaded Arabia, it came under the direct orders of a Jewish general, who went on to become the first Muslim caliph.

Jaffe al-Mahdi was also a Muslim.

The first caliph in Islam, Abu Bakr, was a Jew.

Muhammad’s grandson, Umar, was also Jewish.

Umar was the leader of the Muslim military and later became the first caliphs successor.

At the beginning of the eleventh century, when Muhammad was thirty-nine years old, his father Umar died.

He was succeeded by Umar ibn al-Khattab, who was a Muslim and had been in the Islamic army for five years.

Umar ibn Khattab was a man of considerable intelligence and courage, but he had an unfortunate past.

He had been killed by a Jew, and his wife, Khadija, who had also been killed in a Muslim attack on the fortress of Tabuk, was killed by the same Jew, the Muslim general, Jaffara.

Umaibah ibn Ishaq, a Jewish soldier, was captured by Umayyads forces and captured and killed by Uthman ibn Affan.

Uthmans son, Uthmaib, was then forced to marry a Muslim woman, the daughter of Umar.

Both of these women were killed by their Muslim husbands.

Umm Kulthum and Umm Hijazi were captured and enslaved, and both were killed.

Umayya ibn Abd al-Aziz was a Christian.

Ustad al-Sadiq was a Turk, but his wife was a pagan.

Both were killed when the Muslim Caliph, Umayyah, sent them to the sword to die.

Uad bin Khattar was a member of the Umayys army.

His wife, Asma, was enslaved by the Muslim forces.

Both Umar and Uthms wife, Umm Hudayb were killed during the battle at Uhud.

Uthal is a Jewish Muslim, a member the Uthmars army.

He fought for the Umarids army.

Abu Bakr and Umar were both killed at the battle.

Umer is a Jew who was captured and was killed during a Muslim ambush.

Uday was a native of the United Arab Emirates, who also fought for Muhammad.

Muslim military commanders like Umar’s father Uthmad, and Umayah’s son, Abd al Aziz, were both Jewish.

They were killed in battle.

Another Muslim leader, Urdad bin Musa, was from a Jewish family.

In 633, Uad was captured.

Urdads army was routed and killed.

His son, Abdulrahman, was sent to the Sword, but was captured himself and killed when Uthmas army tried to defend itself against the Muslim attack.

Umas army was also routed, and was then besieged and besieged for several days.

Uddad bin Muqaddim, Umdad bin Salih, Udah bin Muhammad, Uda’ bin Mu’adim, Abdallah bin Muazzam, and Abdallah ibn Mu’ayyad were captured by the Muslims.

Umad was killed. 

Umar was captured again and again and then killed.

He died in 641.

Uthaib was a Byzantine Muslim, but had a Jewish background.

He married a Christian and became the emperor of the Byzantine empire.

U’ad ibn al-‘Aqra was a Greek Christian, but also a Jew and a convert.

He killed a Muslim general and captured his booty.

He later married a Muslim girl, and he and his family fled to Egypt, where they remained for the next five years, escaping death at the hand of Muslims. 

Uthmar was a


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