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World News: Hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong people protest against China’s extradition bill

Hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong residents took to the streets on Sunday (June 9) in a last-ditch attempt to prevent a proposed extradition of the law to China.

The Hong Kong government mobilized more than 2,000 officers to deal with the march with more than 500,000 attendees.

Protesters chanted “there is no Chinese extradition, no bad rules” while others call for Hong Kong’s CEO, Carrie Lam to resign.

US Special Envoy: Excluding Israel’s merger in the West Bank

David Friedman, the US ambassador to Israel, does not rule out the move by Israel to merge parts of the West Bank. He declined to say how Washington would react, but he commented:

“We really don’t give opinions until we understand how much, what terms, why it makes sense, why it’s good for Israel, why it’s good for the region, why is it do not create more problems than it solves. ”

“These are all things we want to understand, and I don’t want prejudice,” Friedman said.

The White House is carrying out an Israeli-Palestinian peace proposal, which President Trump calls “the agreement of the century”, but has not revealed any details.

Iran calls on Europe to normalize economic relations

Iran on Sunday (June 9) said Europe had no intention of criticizing Tehran for its military capabilities, and they urged European leaders to normalize trade relations despite US sanctions. If not, it will have to “face the consequences”.

Last year, President Trump pulled the United States out of the 2015 nuclear deal and imposed sanctions on Iran.

Last month, Iran withdrew some commitments under the 2015 agreement and warned that in the next 60 days, the country will continue to enrich uranium at a higher level than it would be if Europe did not protect it before the order. US punishment.

The number of people killed in tourist boat collisions in Hungary is up to 20 people

Hungarian police said a body of South Korean tourists was recovered at the town of Szazhalombatta, about 29km downstream, near the Hungarian Parliament building after the accident on May 29.

The sight-seeing boat carrying 33 people sank in a few seconds after colliding with a cruise ship on the Danube, now confirmed by the death toll of up to 20 people. The police are still searching for seven other Koreans and captains.

Only 7 South Koreans found surviving the accident, now a giant floating crane was placed at the Margit Bridge to find a way to lift the boat off the riverbed.

Beijing may restrict access to technology in the US-China trade dispute

China’s People’s Daily on Sunday (June 9) said China will build a powerful firewall to enhance innovation and accelerate the development of key technologies.

According to state media, China is creating a system to protect its technology because the United States restricts Chinese companies’ access to US technology.

However, there are still no published details about what China calls the national technology security management list. The plan was only announced on Saturday evening (June 8) in a brief dispatch of three sections of Xinhua.

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