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WSJ: There are millions of fake companies on Google Maps. Google responds.


Google Maps over the years has become one of the most-used applications by users of Android smartphones. Over one billion people around the world are already using them, who are eager to search for information about companies on Maps.

Google allows entrepreneurs to apply their own businesses on maps, thanks to which users of the application can easily find them. Unfortunately, the option also brings a bit of problems, because they are willingly used by scammers, and Google’s algorithms do not always catch it.

WSJ: 11 million fake companies in Google Maps

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that there are 11 million fake companies on Google Maps . They are usually founded by fraudsters who are not entrepreneurs. WSJ reports that there are also profiles created by companies for competitors who deliberately provide false contact details in them. Some dishonest entrepreneurs also impersonate other companies in this way.

A similar problem in Google Maps has been known for a long time. Until now, the problem only seemed to be smaller. According to Google data, in 2017, only 0.5 percent fake companies were on google maps. According to the WSJ, today there are 11 million, or 5.5 percent!

Google deletes accounts on an ongoing basis

In response to the WSJ report, Google prepared an article on its blog.  According to the article, over 200 million places have been added to the Map. Additionally, each month users contact them over 9 billion times.

Google is unable to verify all businesses with 100% efficiency. That is why the American giant is “chasing” every month with fraudsters in deleting fake companies in Maps. According to the claim, dishonest users have been present on the internet forever, but recently the number of people who create fake accounts is growing.

The giant has a special team of people who deal with cheating in the Maps application. In recent years, a total of 3 million fake business accounts have been removed. More than 90 percent of them were blocked before users saw them.

Google declares that as much as 85 percent. These accounts have been noticed and removed by the company’s systems. Google users also help in blocking untruthful Google profiles. The giant states that they are responsible for 250,000. deletions. This year, Google introduced a new way of reporting suspicious business profiles. It also began to “use sophisticated techniques” to detect and delete them.

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